First buyers don't be fooled by other training products called the  "E-Z Lead. THEY ARE STEALING THE NAME OF E-Z' LEADS!!  Wasted our clubs money getting some off the internet saying they are the Original EZ Lead training field E-Z lead!  NOPE,, this one is the one!  Thanks for the donation to our club. We just ordered  10 more # 1's and 10 of your #2's!   I am going to buy some extra to donate to my girls 4-H club too.  Your the Original maker of the E-Z lead and boy howdy do you make dog training a lot E-Z 'er with making this lead,

We want to thank you for great service and making this lead for us hunters and dog owners! YOURS IS THE ONE WRITTEN ABOUT AND SO HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

John Rogers  1st tier club member 



I just received my EZ lead and I just have to tell you how amazing it is!  I have a 6 mo old Aussie and have tried a Sensation harness and a Horgan harness that both made my dog go crazy. Within a couple minutes of trying this leash he was paying attention to me and walking beautifully ... Unbelievable!!!!!  I am grateful for your product and will tell EVERYONE I know!
Best Regards,
Leslie Stockton


We ordered what they call the "wonder lead" well it is not a wonder. Very disapointed. We should of ordered yours first as your leads top the list! We purchased the #1 and #2. Love them both as they are serving us well!  The number two is great for everything from some serious training or taking our pointers to the vet or to the field trails.  My wife threw the other leads in the trash. Your Tug N' Toss makes a GREAT retriever tool too! We just ordered four more of them!  My son grabbed the one we bought so have to get more! Yep, yours is the Original !! Thanks!

Brad Taylor Sac, CA      


Love Both your style of leads the #1 and #2!! I ordered one off line and it was a BIG mistake NOT the real E-Z lead BIG waste of money!. Just a cheap rope. Does not compare to your E-Z Leads at all! In fact we are ordering two more a we just have another hunting pup to train! We will NOT use anything but yours, Love that we can train with both but the #2 we can train with and go anywhere with our dogs too! AWESOME PRODUCTS!!

We got a tugg and toss but ended up using it as a training tool for hunting awesome! Great retriever dummy as we forgot them at the ranch. Still had yours in the truck and wow going to order two more as they are great, Just added some scent and they really stand up in water or mud!   

Thanks for making the Real Mc Coy in dog training products!!

Chuck Adams California



These leads are like NO other! LOVE THEM! We got a #1 (really stiff one but did Not have to wear gloves) for our 6 month Rottie and what a difference it made in just a hour or training! We then Purchased a # 2  and use it all the time! The customer service is wonderful!  The Staff is there to  help in any way with using the lead  too!  We just got a another new pup and already she is really coming along with your E-Z lead! THANK YOU E-Z Leads! NO more pulling my wife's arms off her! LOL

John Willameyer, Watertown , New york   

I show Great Danes. I am a small woman and need a lead I can use to help me with getting my Danes to the ring side to  show my Great Danes. These just do the trick and help control them in all aspects of training your loved dog. 

Dr.Kitty Kenyon DVM  Kenyon's at Dog Creek Great Danes

I have a Irish wolfhound who I had a lot of trouble with, I purchased a #1 to work with him. He is a BIG boy. I could NOT get over the GREAT resultsI got from your AWESOME E-Z LEAD! I just ordered another to give as a gift and a #2 for "jake" to use in out daily walks too! Keep up the great work!  
Kim Byerly Austin, Texas

I ordered two of your #1's to train my hunting dogs! WOW,, How did I train all of these years without it? I just ordered another for a gift for my brother as we train and hunt together with our dogs. THANKS FOR CREATING THIS  E-Z LEAD as it helps make my training just that E-Z!
Mark Gules,  Escalon, California 

I have heard about your lead for sometime and thought I would give them a try.  The #1 that is really stiff really gets their attention! I enjoy the handle too.  The # 2 I purchased is great for my wife to use to take the hounds to the vet etc. It is true about your leads they are E-Z to use and makes training my hunting hounds E-Z too!  Love that they are custom made and made in our good old USA too!!

Thanks for such a great product and your service is great too.

Richard Lowery ,  Oregon  

Both your leads rock! My two pups were such dead heads! I worked them in just one session with your #1 and one word AMAZNG! Once they learned the heal and that was fast I have went on to the down and stays  retrieve etc. The #2 is great on our two year old lab who just needed a brush up course. I have recommended it to my vet and hunting club who I know have already placed orders with you!

Thank you so MUCH for making dog training E-Z er with your "E-Z Leads"

Steve Long  of Alabama    

Your E-Z Leads are over the top! Our labs training time is so fast now since we have been using your E-Z Leads for over five years! They are still holding up!  I tell my wife just to send these as gifts to my buddies for birthday's etc.  Love both the # 1's and your # 2!  Talk about getting a dog's attention! (and we train a lot of them too!) Our club again this year will want some for our raffles!   

Thank you for making such a amazing "REAL" working E-Z Lead that helps in ALL training from training for the show rings to the fields we will NOT use anything but YOUR E-Z Leads!

Adam Wright  California      

I bought a "knock off" of your E-Z Lead off the internet. What a mistake just a rope with knots waste of my money. When I received your Lead I ordered #1 and #2 what a difference in training from the knock off one ! Very well made and I am very impressed with the looks too!  Your  letter of instructions with the  Dane & Dal was great! We have 8 labs with 4 of them we are training. The #1 took me a bit to get the hang of it as it is so stiff but, once I did "WOW".  My hunting buddies keep borrowing my leads to train so I told them I would order them their own so the leave mine alone!  Just placed the orders with you! Thanks for having great customer service with double checking on the address's to send the E-Z Leads to my buddies.

I can say your E-Z Leads making training my labs E-Z!  (my one buddy has pointers and the other has labs and pointers)

Mark Stevenson  Meadow Vista, Ca   

Ordered both of your leads a number one and number two. Had to wait a bit to get them as we are in England. Even the shipping cost was well worth purchasing them! Our great danes in one sesson responded  with great success! Our danes are approx 225 pounds in your american weight.  Your leads have helped us so much thank you for you great Amercian products!  Bravo!!

Annie Martin,   England 


   My Dogs love the Tugg N' Toss! They Play for hours!  I love the E-Z Leads!  Made Strong and we  love that they are made in America!  My Dane and Newfoundland love them too!                                  Pat Barter USA 




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