EZ Post

The EZ Post was created by Vet Dr. Randall Wolfe who is now retired. We are honored to own all rights to this wonderful medical device for ear posting. Dr. Wolfe and I felt EZ Post for a name fits it as it makes Cropping EZ for rapid healing and Cropping success!   

Previously called the " Wolfe Brace" or the Wolfe System" now the "EZ Post"   

 Due to the quantity you might need email us how many even from one to 100 or more. We want to be able to save you on shipping so email us at  ezleads@aol.com to get a price for the EZ Post and shipping to your zip code we will then send you an invoice.    

           Any Questions about this incredible product free to contact us                                                    ezleads@aol.com                                   

This amazing "EZ Post" is priced at $10.00 each purchase of 12 receives one free ( total of 13) buyer pays shipping. 

Veterinarians & Breeders please email us at ezleads@aol.com for your price for bulk pricing to be sent an invoice for your EZ Post Order  

Here is our own girl Jazz at 3 mos of age (Brindle Great Dane pictured below).The EZ post was put on her at the time of cropping and her ears standing at 3 months of age.

This Product is incredible as it can be sanitized and used over for breeders on different puppies saving cost.   

The "EZ Post" can be used on all dogs being cropped such as Great Danes, Dobermans, Boxers, Cane Corso,American StaffordShire Terrier (AM Staffs) Bully Dogs,Boston Terriers,Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer,Giant Schnauzer, Beaucerons,Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Brussel Griffon,Miniature Pinscher, German Pinscher, Dogo Argentino, Presa Canario just to name a few.It can also help dogs that are to have upright ears such as the German Shepherd breed when a puppy needs help to stand a lazy ear.                                             


The EZ Post can be adjusted to different ear lengths by using tongue depressor's taped to each side and can be modified for each different length of crop.                                      (Tongue depressors are included in each unit ordered)
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                            Our Product is Trademark and Patented Copyright All rights reserved.

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