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1 items: $10.00 added onto price

2-3 items- $18.95 added onto the price

over $100.00 S&H is $20.00 due to bulk & weight WE will do our best to keep S&H costs as low as we can. 

To select how many you would like to order, please choose the appropriate Option on the drop down tab (1 item = 1 item, etc.), and select add to cart. When checking out on the pay pal, please enter your zip code where the order will be sent in the "Ship To" option. By filling that out it will add the Shipping & Handling costs.

For orders outside of the U.S.A, please e-mail us your order so that we may send you an invoice as Shipping and Handling is higher for outside the U.S.A.

We will contact you via email to confirm products ordered with detailed info of products as all sales are final.

If we do not email on the day of your order we are at a dog show etc see our ordering page for more information.

***On  E-Z Leads Orders if you do not state your desired length in your order we will be waiting to hear from you on length needed for Original  E-Z lead made at 3 4 5 or 6 feet we can make in half too such as 3 1/2 etc.

 The Field E-Z Lead is made 6 foot unless needing longer then contact us for price.

*** If you need assistance email

We have found in training using a shorter lead is best at first as you will need your dog close to you to get a good response. The longer the lead is you will find that you will tend to wad it up in your hand why we say the # 2 is best to get at 4 feet to start your dog's training. 

If your using the E collar 6 foot is the best length using #1 Field dog E-Z Lead .  

Thank you

The Original E-Z Lead ($29.95)


The #2 lead is an all in one collar/lead. It is a single, thick cord that has a cloth stopper to adjust the circumference around your dogs neck. No need for use of gloves with this lead! The Original comes in lengths up to six feet and a variety of colors. Any lead past six feet note we charge $3.50 dollars per foot onto the total amount or just email us email us as we will send you an invoice.


Please include in note section of paypal order to us what length you want. 

NOTE: Shipping and Handling is not included into price; 1 item is $8.00 for shipping and handling, 2-3 items is $14.95 added for shipping and handling. Pay Pal will add in the S&H cost when placing your order. 



Original E-Z Lead

Braided E-Z Lead  ($29.95)

 This lead is a more colorful version of our original single strand E-Z Lead! We braid two colors of your choice together, either back braided or flat, to create a customized lead for you and your dog! These leads come in lengths up to 6 feet; anything longer is a $3.00 per foot added charge to the total price.

                                                                                                   Colors available are:
                                                                                                   Dark Purple    Dark Blue    
                                                                                                   Light Purple    Light Blue
                                                                                                   Hot Pink         Yellow           
                                                                                                   Light Pink       Lime Green
                                                                                                   Red                Black

 NOTE: prices posted do not include Shipping and Handling. PLEASE read the note listed at the top of the page!


Braided E-Z Lead

The Hoss ($29.95) 

Recommended for the X-Large dogs, this lead is 5/8" rope back or flat braided into one on a 3/4" snap. The snap is a swivel snap allowing your dog to move around with out twisting the lead up!  Available lengths are three-five feet.NOTE: prices posted do not include Shipping and Handling. PLEASE read the note at the top of our page. 


The Hoss

E-Z Show Lead ($29.95) 

Leads are braided and come in a variety of colors. Available in lengths of two-five feet. Any length requested more than five feet will be an added charge of two dollars to the total amount.NOTE: prices posted do not include Shipping and Handling. PLEASE read the note at the top of the page.


E-Z Show Lead

 Field Dog E-Z Lead ($29.95)

 The #1 E-Z Lead is highly recommended for the use for Trainers/Hunters for their field dogs, or scent hounds or for those dogs that are so hard headed! They are make from very stiff material. (Horse Lariat material)  They are strong, durable, and weather resistant.They are 6 feet in length.

You have heard about it and read about it! Here it is!! The E-Z Lead is made from horse Lariat material. Made with hand cut copper couplings that are covered in leather that is hand stitched. The coupler applies pressure on your dog's pressure point under your dog's ear poll. The stiffness is what gives it the fast release and the attention factor for the faster training of your dog!
The #1 E-Z Lead  is available at longer lengths to suit your needs for an additional $3.50 per foot. Email us first so we can send you an invoice through pay-pal

Can be used with or without the E- Collar.  NOTE: prices posted do not include Shipping and Handling. PLEASE read the note at the top of our page.        

Field Dog E-Z Lead

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