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 Previously called " The Wolfe Brace " or Wolfe System"  


About The E-Z Lead

(Sam pictured with the #2 recommended width for the large to x-large  breeds) 

Attention Shoppers! 

We have been flooded for orders for this Year from Dog Lovers/Owners, Dog Trainers, Sportsmen & Hunters.We are working as fast as we can to custom make and get your orders out ASAP!

You asked for Gift Certificates which are now available for your loved ones.

You read about it & heard about it here it is!

We here at the Ranch wish you a Wonderful New Year !        



I just received my EZ lead and I just have to tell you how amazing it is!  I have a 6 mo old Aussie and have tried a Sensation harness and a Horgan harness that both made my dog go crazy. Within a couple minutes of trying this leash he was paying attention to me and walking beautifully ... Unbelievable!!!!!  I am grateful for your product and will tell EVERYONE I know!
Best Regards,
Leslie Stockton

I cannot live without them! I have the Original & the Field EZ Lead! I have tried others who have copied yours & they don't compare! Love your dog toys too tugs are great! Thank you so much for helping dogs world wide in training! Your customer service is 10+!! 
Don Wright
                                The Story 


The E-Z Lead was developed originally when I needed a tool that could train a big dog or small effectively. While training several dogs through out the day at the ranch or in the field.  Co-trainers and I found with a regular choke chain and leash harder to use because you had to change them between large and small dogs.

With choke chains you need different sizes to fit different breeds with some breeds the hair gets stuck in them creating a more painful experience for the dogs.   


Creating the E-Z lead I was able to train the dogs effectively if not better as a choke chain as it applys the right pressure but, without the harshness or undue pain regular chokers tend to cause and the hair catching too in the medium long to long hair coats. It gets their attention and speeds training.

The E-Z lead is made all into one so, there is no fumbling with a choke chain and leash. The circumferance around the neck is able to be adjusted with a nylong slider/stopper that you can slide up and down allowing you to customize the leash to your liking! 



 The product material used in the E-Z lead applies pressure to the pressure points on the dogs ear polls which makes it comply learning faster and humanely.

 The "E-Z Lead" can be used for training or just to take your dog our for a walk.


"E-Z Leads are made for Durability, Endurance, Strength, Style and are all hand made in the U.S.A. Lengths are depending on our clients breed and Preference.


It is the Stiffness of the EZ  Lead that helps in traiing.The quick release is the main "Key" to the EZ Lead especially the " #1 Field EZ Lead. It really hastens training with great results.

With our Big dogs we do have friends with the little dogs and they requested to make the E-Z Lead in a smaller diameter. Just ask for it.


E-Z Leads are made with three different materials:


The Field E-Z Lead #1 is very stiff using the same material used in horse lariats this is the one where it all started!

It has been written about and raved about with high reviews!


The # 2 is The Original E-Z Lead is  made of Parachute Nylon which is a strong braided poly rope.


The # 3  is a back braided nylon poly for a fancier E-Z Lead to go to the beach or out for a walk.  


 We start training with the Field E-Z Lead #1 then as the dog learns we change to the parachute Nylon E-Z Lead #2 then can go to the #3 back braided to go out on the town. The dog can become so well trained it is at this point we can just use verbal or hand commands without a E-Z Lead at all.

The E-Z lead is customizable to suit your style and needs. 


We do a follow up via email after your order to confirm the type of E-Z Lead that will meet your training needs. Please note if order is placed on a weekend a reply will be that following monday as we are at shows or field trials.


E-Z leads are custom made just for you. If you need a longer length just let us know .

Due to the high demand for the E-Z Lead we cannot guarantee color choice of the #2.

Our Products are American made.

Our E-Z Lead are human and dog friendly. Easy on your hands & your dog.

The E-Z lead applies pressure on your dogs ear poll pressure points helping them respond fast to training.

Used by many Pro show dog Trainers, Obedience, Hunting dogs or just for the training the family dog.

RECOMMENDED by Well Known Professionals & Dog owners! 


Known by it's name "E-Z Lead" as it makes "Dog training E-Z for you & your dog!       





(Cinder pictured wearing #2 with the medium width for medium-large breeds)

Look right behind her ear and you will see what we make to apply safe pressure to your dogs ear poll which are pressure points to help make your dog listen and learn faster!   


We find the E-Z lead to be more effective because the material we use allows for a faster correction time, as the material doesn't get caught on it's self like a choke chain does on it links. We know this makes the training experience more enjoyable for both the owner and dog! 


We have been asked to mass market the "E-Z Lead" yet, we feel we will lose the hands on made Quality and Customer Service if we do 




If you have any questions about our products or ordering information just email us at ezleads@aol.com we are here to assist  you! 


RECOMMENDED HIGHLY & USED BY Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Dog Hunters & Dog Owners alike! In Demand All Over the World for Training for Confirmation Dogs, Dog Obedience, Hunting/Field Dogs or the Family Dog this is THE  Lead to train with!!!



Feel free to contact us if you have any question or concerns

 ON HOW TO USE THE E-Z LEAD  or about our products!

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The Original & Only "E-Z Lead"  

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Saving one Dog at a time makes a world of difference!!


Making Training and Fun Time All The Better!!

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