All item's prices do not include the cost of shipping & handling

1-2 items: add $10.00

3 items: add $18.95 (due to bulk & weight)

Over 100.00 $20.00 S&H

*All are sent Priority Mail*

 For heavier shipments such as the Tug'N'Toss, email us for what you would like for an order and we will send you an invoice for a more accurate total that can also be paid through Paypal. We try our best to Keep S&H as low as we can. Payments are to be made via Paypal. Updated invoices with shipping and handling included will be sent via email after each order is placed. Please email for further questions concerning payment and shipping.

***On the Original E-Z Lead if Length is not stated in notes in your order we will ship a 4 foot E-Z lead to you***We will email you after you have placed a order to confirm the order and to make sure you receive & understand the products.

  Please note: if you do NOT hear from us right after placing your Order that    means we are at a Dog Show, Field Trial, Training Expo etc. We do training etc. We are gone at times doing our booth at week long and 2 to 4 day shows.

                                   Monday-Friday closed weekends

              We will respond and Process your order as soon as we return. 

                                        All Orders are Custom made

   Our products are all hand made from cutting the copper couplings, gluing and hand stitching leather covers, etc they are not mass produced as we take pride in our American Made Products. Checking each piece before it is shipped out. 

All items will be shipped to you within 15 days or sooner after confirming your order and what your dog training needs are with shipping 3 Day Priority. If we are gone to a training event or dog show  or on back orders an order could take 7-20 business days.


Orders subjected to a $5.00 cancellation fee.


For Orders Out of the United States of America Please email us first to see if we ship to your Country. If we do, we will contact you via email what the Extra Shipping & Handling Costs will be. 


 If you need help in ordering or have a question drop us an email at or call us at 209-541-4404 we are located in California 

(this is a cell if we are on road we don't want to miss your call) 

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